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How To Install Your Lantex Blinds

Fitting your new made-to-measure blinds is straight forward. It is recommended that you have the following tools when fitting your blinds.

Item Checklist:

  • Lantex Blinds
  • Bracket

Tools you will need:

  • Drill
  • Phillips screwdriver or Phillips drill bit (the one with the crossedhead)
  • Pencil
  • Metal Tape Measure

Four (4) Simple step to Install your blinds

1. Gather your tools and unpack your blind, inside the box you will find all the fixture and fittings that you will need.bidai_blinds_lantex

2. Now, having decided where you want the blind to be positioned mark out the drill holes using the brackets supplied, in most cases you will only need to drill 2 holes at either end. Wider blinds will need more holes drilling though extra brackets will be supplied if this is required.bidai_blinds_lantex3

bidai_blinds_lantex63. Drill your holes and then screw the brackets into place. You’ll also need to use wall plug.bidai_blinds_lantex2

bidai_blinds_lantex54. Fit the blind into the brackets. Now just click the track into place by rotating the back of the track up into the rear of the bracket. You should hear it click into place. Repeat for each bracket.bidai_blinds_lantex1bidai_blinds_lantex4

Handy Hints

  • When installing large blinds, it helps to have someone support the blind when lifting onto the brackets. This also helps prevent the head-rail from breaking and voiding the warranty.
  • To clean, regularly dust with feather duster or brush attachment on vacuum.
  • If you have multiple blinds, make sure to lay each one out at the individual windows before installing the first one. This will ensure that you have the correct blinds at each window before positioning into place.