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How to Pick the Right Window Blinds

We often look for window blinds or curtain blinds for privacy and sunlight filtering purposes, however it is also important that they fit well into the interior space of our home and suit our lifestyle. Flooded with countless choices these days, we might be bewildered in picking the right ones. Here’s are brief descriptions on some of most common and popular window blinds that perhaps would help you in making up your mind on which best fits your home.

Wooden Blinds

The unique texture of wooden blinds gives the space a natural and elegant atmosphere. They are best to be placed in the living room where we spend some leisure time wandering around. Due to the nature of wood, they are however less appropriate to be used for the windows in bathroom or kitchen where moistures might threaten its lifespan unless faux wood which is of higher resistance to water is used.

Zebra Blinds

Stripes can effectively add interest and cheer up the environment especially when a great deal of colours is available. Imagine placing bright blue or green zebra blinds in a room filled with kids, the little ones will definitely be overwhelmed with joy. The stripes also act as a wonderful decor item in an otherwise dull room. .

Roller Blinds

If you are after blinds that will last for years, rollers blinds are something that you should really consider for its high durability. Aside from that point, rollers blinders are also low in its maintenance as they are easy to install and operate. Motorised ones allow an automated rolling of the material but the convenience they offer burdens the cost.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are lovely for various parts of the home including the living room and dining hall. They form beautiful pleats when they are raised and therefore create a luxurious and imperial interior space. To avoid unsmooth movement due to the heavy vanes, it is advisable to have several blinds instead of one large blind for a big window.