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Vertical Blinds

Blinds were first introduced in the horizontal form. Owing to the creativity of mankind, verticals blinds were later brought to the market and are well-received even till this present day. It has caught the attention of many people as it is seen as the most practical alternative especially for wide patio doors or sliding glass door. Bidai Solution, being a renowned blind supplier in Malaysia, definitely does not miss out such an attractive window treatment in its product list for vertical blinds offer great advantages to the homeowner.The vertical design makes it easy for the homeowner to do the cleaning. The situation is such because the vertical arrangement allows dust to fall off to the ground instead of settling down on the slats as in the case of horizontal blinds. If the vanes of the vertical blinds are made of fabric material, just one simple vacuum cleaner is all that is needed to keep the vertical blinds clean and dust-free.

The versatility of vertical blinds is a highlight that is worth mentioning. Aside from tilting the vanes to alter the amount of light entering the interior space, vertical blinds can also be moved completely out of the way to the left or right, or even splitting in the middle. In other words, it gives the homeowner several ways of controlling the sunlight and glares that pass through the glass.