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If one walks into the showroom of Bidai Solution in Selangor, Malaysia, blind slats of various materials and colours will definitely catch one’s attention. Among the many options, wooden blinds stand out and often receive positive feedbacks from homeowners. Made from several wooden blind slats stacked together, the wooden blinds are popular for the many benefits they offer.Wooden blinds can act as a design element where they add a sense of luxury and elegance to the overall interior environment. With wooden blinds installed, the space appears warmer and cosier hence more comfortable to be lived in. Since each of the wooden blind slats come in its own distinctive pattern and grain, the combination generates a sight that is appealing to the eyes.

In countries with all year round summer like Malaysia, blinds are seen as an effective solution to reduce or block sunlight from entering the interior space of homes. Wood is opaque and therefore wooden blinds can effectively inhibit sunlight from passing through any glass. With less or no direct sunlight in the interior, the window blinds has also saved the home furniture from damages caused by continuously exposure to the sun.Another advantage of wooden blinds is that the solid slats are easy for cleaning. It is advisable to clear off the dust on its surface with just a piece of dust cloth. Furniture wax is not recommended and is unnecessary.